Saturday, 31 December 2016


Find God, Find yourself, Find money, and then Find me).
I know you are doing great and fulfilling what God has purposed for you at this moment. “I miss you”. For the past few days, there has been a new trend of posts and statuses updates on social media, “#dearfuturehusband”, and my timeline has been flooded, therefore I decided to write to you an open letter, obviously longer than the tags on Facebook, and I hope, I pray, this letter gets to your soft palms.
Please, before you seek me, find God, find yourself, find money, and then find me

Is it not obvious?, if you are already stalking me or yet to, you Would have realized that I take My Jesus serious. (Are you prepared to go on that serious journey with me?)
One of my favorite cartoons from Disney ever is “Finding Nemo”. (So Nemo disobeyed his dad and went out swimming on the wild waters and he got lost, his dad went out to find him, he travelled through thick waters and dangerous sharks. On his way he encountered others fishes ( Nemo is a fish), some of those other fishes helped him, others did not help him, they thought he was crazy trying to find a son who probably did not EXIST anymore. All in all it was a very difficult journey, but when he finally found Nemo, there was all joy and laughter.
In this case you are not a fish, and God is definitely not missing and He surely exists, but the believer’s journey might seem difficult at the beginning, people might not understand the new you, some will help/encourage you and others will discourage you, but once you find God, He will reach out to you and there is nothing from there but happiness. You cannot find genuine happiness anywhere else but with God. In God you will learn to trust and be trusted, to love genuinely, to be faithful and patient, once you learn all these, then I will know that I am in safe hands. Just make the effort, and if you already are on the right path, keep the fire burning don’t quench it. 

“yes you are not lost, you know yourself better than anyone else, you have things going good for you”….”BUT REALLY?”
Nemo wanted to prove to his father that he was brave, that he was not afraid to go out into the dangerous waters by himself, that he could do all things by himself, at the end he realized he was wrong, and that he needed his father’s guidance, you might have by now after finding God realized that you need Him, in all things. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”
If I met you today, off course I would love the idea of my man knowing and planning towards where we will be having dinner tomorrow, or what we will be eating there (I love food so it is the best example), but, what about five years from now?, (eyes wide opened). I don’t expect you to know where exactly, or what exactly we will be eating in five years, I however expect that you are making great preparations towards it. If we eat dinner at a restaurant today, are we going to have dinner in our private yacht five years from now?....(sounds good).
 Many young guys of our generation love to chill and ball, I don’t expect you to work 24/7 without a break, but if it won’t matter in five years…”then drop it now!!!”….ooops I already sound like a nagging wife, NO my love, I am just concerned.
The last time I was a baby-sitter was about ten years ago, and then even my little brother was just five. I am not looking forward to marrying a boy, I want me a Man so please don’t come and make my breast fall faster than they should by acting babyish.
Not to say you will not be pampered my love, but only when it is necessary, find you a career, work on yourself, explore your talents and use them to your benefit and that of society, set goals and work hard towards achieving them, I will give you all the support when necessary, just don’t let me do all the work. I expect you to know and do what you should know and do.

“Clears throat”
“Is this that scary word or topic that drives boys away?”, YES I said boys because a man knows that before he seeks a woman, he should be ready and able to take up the position of the head and be responsible.
I am not just waiting for any man, I am praying and waiting for my Boaz to reach out to me in the fields and provide me more of what I am working for. Do not think that I am just sitting around waiting on you to arrive, NO, I am on the fields (not a rice field though), I am working on myself, my career, my future and I do not expect anything less, I expect that you come and wipe my sweat and give me some rest, not to push me out to the field to do even more because you, my dear one is not ready (still a boy).
I will support my husband whenever I can, but believe me, I am not hoping and praying that you will need my support every day, “money-wise”. The main reason I remember you in my prayers, is that God blesses you with riches, but then also, my prayers will only fall on rocky fields if you do not get out there and work hard, and while working hard, be honest, spend and save wisely, pay your tithe, and help the poor, (this way your cup will never run dry).

I am not difficult to find at all, I do not wear five layers of foundation on my face so I am easy to spot right away (not to say I don’t wear makeup, I do). I am however a bit difficult to please though.
Just know for now that, you cannot please me if you pretend to be who you are not, you cannot please me if you come calling me pet names on our first date etc. just be yourself off course with good qualities as earlier mentioned.
I am praying for you, you also should please remember me in your prayers for I am not perfect, and I promise you will love me if you get to know me.
 Please find God, find yourself, find money, and then find me
If you are not ready, wait a bit more, I am not in a hurry (just don’t let me get to the grey hair stage before you show up)
                                                                                                            I LOVE YOU