Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Heart to Hut Foundation is a charitable foundation setup by the “heart – people” (kind) to help the “hut – people” (needy) in the society.
The Ghanaian interpretation of a kind and caring person mostly goes with the general term “person with a heart”.
People living in “huts” are mostly found in the rural areas and are considered poor- and needy (this however is not false).
That is what the Heart to Hut foundation is here for - the poor and needy (less fortunate)
Heart to Hut came into existence since 5th April 2014. The groups objective is to annually visit deprived communities and engage them in life changing activities.
Membership is open to all like minded persons who want to make impact in societies. YOU are welcome

The essence of the group is to assist the needy in society to realize their dreams for progressive development and to improve their living standards.
In furtherance of this the Heart to Hut’s major components include;

This aspect is basically for the children. It includes, short teachings, donations of books, reading competitions with awards to be won.
It comprises health talks on hygiene, sanitation, family planning...
This activity was our first intention for which we set up the organization; it includes donations of (clothes, shoes, books, toiletries etc).
Our next project however takes place July this year and we are in the "collecting process". Used but presentable clothes, books, shoes, etc are welcome.

We pray that God in His own way takes the mantle, and we follow
Thank you for being part of us, welcome to the “HEART TO HUT” family.

Contact the following addresses for more details; membership and donations.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Solomon Adufah

Solomon is a man whose works I hav followed for a while, he is a great artist and a lover of colours.
Every painting  of his is a visible reflection of his love for art and the people he paints.
He inspires me because he shares a passion, the act of reaching out to society and putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged.
However I noticed he keeps drawing everyone else but himself,  so I decided to return the love today by trying to paint him.
I know am not as good an artist as he is yet but am glad to have tried this.
He looks much better than on this paper though..