Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A day in my village

I met this two hardworking girls when I visited my grandmother's village.
After school they are home helping in the kitchen. ..and weekends they just do extra work (its not child abuse anyway).
I hope soon I can make life better for the children of my village. ...

Northern Heritage

Basket weaving is one of the unique trades of the people of the Upper East Region of Ghana, Bolgatanga.
Apart from  its recognition for the use of leather in producing bags, shoes and sandals, basket making has travelled wide and far.
Women and men engage in this beautiful art to make a living,  while away time and show off their art skills by designing unique and beautiful patterns on every basket they make.
The people of Bolgatanga are also known for the "smock" attair they weave.
Tuozafi* (T.Z) and Bito* soup is the popular food prepared and eaten in Bolgatanga.
To be continued. .........