Monday, 19 June 2017


A yoke of Oxen  used for ploughing a farmland

  "The Savannah People need cows and the cows need the Savannah People"

Apart from crops being a major agricultural input the people of the Savannah offers the country, another is animal farming, majorly that of cattle. the Savannah unless during the dry season is usually blossoming in beautiful greenery, which serves as pasture for the farm animals.

Cattle is either reared in large herds for commercial purposes or in smaller numbers just to serve as domestic animals. This domestic animals are used as farm- work animals during the planting season, they also come in handy during festive occasions like Traditional festivals, marriages, offered as dowry or for family consumption.

Grazing Cattle on the field
The availability of space, large acres of land and vegetation is an advantage to the Savannah cows over those reared in the capitals where they are confined in smaller farm land areas.
It is usually a unifying moment when friends and family gather over fresh cow milk and deliciously roasted beef.