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Mary headed to the market to sell firewood


"Women of the Savannah as I have observed over a period of time are one of the most versatile group of people alive. They do not rely on only one source of livelihood but on several means of survival ".

Mma Alariba working on her farm

Though men are the heads of the family system and the women give them all that credit, they still go all the way out to support their men even beyond expectations.

Due to the low level of living and expenditure, one would assume that much is not needed for survival, but the large family groups mostly a combination of the nuclear and extended family members gives demand for extra survival measures.

Mma Adiya weaving a basket

Women from the Savannah work from day break to sun down, they would do almost anything possible at the moment to earn income, from the weaving of baskets, pottery, brewing of local drinks, farming, gathering and selling of firewood, selling of foods/ foodstuffs, and more to provide a comfortable living for their families.

Mma Azumah selling her donuts 

Most times, when a member of the family goes wayward, fingers are pointed at the woman (mother of the family), knowing this, the Savannah woman wakes up strong to stand for her family.

Clemencia working on the farm

Aside external jobs, the household chores are not left out, she still has the duty of cooking, cleaning, washing, fetching of water, bathing the children and feeding her household.
Once a Savannah woman wakes up in the morning, upon washing her face and cleaning her teeth, she remains up on her feet working all day until night fall when everyone goes to asleep, then she takes her own rest too.

The Savannah woman is a respectful, strong, hardworking Heroine.

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