Friday, 16 June 2017


Clemencia planting some millet on her fathers farm
The Savannah zone of Ghana, is made up of three regions, Upper east, Upper west and the Northern region. The three regions usually referred to as the “North” singularly, is the most drought affected areas of Ghana, however, during the rainy seasons, it blossoms in beautiful greenery.

The Savannah zone of Ghana is known for its beautiful heritage, traditions and culture, its great local dishes, drinks, fruits and very friendly hardworking natives. It is also one of Ghana’s highest recording agricultural zones and suppliers of a lot of raw materials/crops both for consumption and export.

A  Cow grazing on the fields 
                                                                             Usually reported as the poorest regions of Ghana, with a high level of illiteracy, however, most people do not look beyond this possible truths when thinking about the “North”, I however, as a proud 
Daughter of the land, have taken it upon myself to showcase the Savannah in a simple yet beautiful and interesting limelight, unfolding stories of our ways of living above the widespread negative notion of “poverty, illiteracy and violence”.

A hut building
I intend to broadcast the Savannah and show the world our beautiful arts, culture, foods, amazing people and great tourist attractions.

Join me as we tour the Savannah together.                                                                         💓